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Ford Mondeo 2000 (W reg) 2.0i LX Mk 2 40k miles 1 owner tow bar


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OK, OK, yet another newbie joining the forum and their first post being a car for sale - heard it all before! To be honest, I've been a Subaru lad for a lot of my car owning life, and I tend to skip over posts like this, so I hope some of you are more tolerant than I usually am!

I posted this ad on the Subaru forum (as that's where I usually hang out) and they quite rightly said I should post it on a Ford forum instead as I may get more interest - good thought!

I'll be honest, I bought this car a few weeks ago for a very silly reason, its was duly rejected by my missus, so its now for sale again. Please read on...

I had a brainwave recently - we had bought bikes and it was ridiculously expensive to get a tow bar on our Mazda. So, I thought why not just buy a car with a tow bar attached! So I bought this Mondeo. Unfortunately my wife refuses to travel in it! So up for sale it goes! I'll take some photos at the weekend, but for now the description will have to suffice.

The car was bought (pre-reg) by the previous owner in July 2000 (when it was a few weeks old - 1st owner was the selling dealership) when he was 72.  He died at the age of 93 a week or so before I bought it from his son.

The reg number is W924OJH - have a look at the MOT history and you can see it’s done around 800-1000 miles a year every year since 2007 (earliest the MOT records show). I found it in an old garage, hadn’t been moved for months I reckon. Started first time and everything works (eventually!).

Things that I would do to the car if I was going to keep it:

1) tyres are all in good order - plenty of tread and not cracked - however they are > 5 years old so I would replace them. 15” steel wheels - I have already bought and fitted new wheel trims as the previous owner didn’t seem to be great at parking so had cracked and damaged all of them!

2) the window motors (only front - rears are manual) do work but are a little slow - I’d probably replace with salvage parts.

3) As you can see from the last MOT the rear suspension pins are on their way out. There is a squeak coming from the rear drivers side, so I’d get my local garage to get that sorted out.

4) Once I put up the photos you’ll see that the body work is a bit tatty - especially the front and rear bumpers - I suspect the rear has been replaced - his house had quite a tricky entrance with low walls so I reckon he has caught the bumpers a few times! I probably would’ve had a go at painting the bumpers myself and left the other little dings and parking scrapes - there’s no bodywork rust and it’s a working car not a show entrant!

5) The spare wheel is very rusty. The wheel well is quite wet, but not rusty. I reckon either the garage it was stored in was damp and/or I think the rear hatch seal may be perished. As I said, the body work in the wheel well isn’t rusty and you can see that rust has never come up in the past MOTs.

There’s an awful lot of good stuff with the car though:

1) The engine seems good and strong - it should be as it’s only done 40k miles!

2) It comes with aircon which works too.

3) One owner! Well another one now as I have the V5 in my name

4) 2 keys. The fob key needs a new battery as the range is pretty limited. It also has the ‘master’ key which has a red dot on it.

5) Mechanical maintenance seems to have been kept up with - exhaust looks good, decent clutch (probably the original one!) strong engine etc.

6) It has a fixed tow bar with 7 pin electrics - the previous owner had a small trailer which he used to take stuff to the tip (according to his son) and I have also got his home made trailer board with the painted reg number on it and a lead to connect the lights up.

I am going to put it on Trader once I've given it a clean and sorted out photos, at £795 ono. However, happy to offer it on here for £650 which is what it owes me.

Its a hatchback classic with a huge boot (that almost brained me as the gas struts had gone! I’ve replaced them!) and a tow bar. With only 40k miles, if you spend a little bit of money on it (mainly suspension and tyres) it will be a solid workhorse for years to come. I would’ve painted the bumpers, but you could not bother, especially if it’s used for tip trip and towing/general work.

Like I said, I’ll put photos up in a few days, but if anyone’s interested, get it touch.

The car’s in Woking, Surrey and is currently SORN’d. It has an MOT until May 22.

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Hey @TomsFocus, thanks for the tips, and I was going to try some other avenues. However, this week seems to be the week for cheap Mondeos on Autotrader as yesterday I had 3 different calls and an email from interested folks - I dropped the price from £795 to £695 after the first week which must have hit plenty of folk's sweet spots!

Took a deposit from a lovely chap yesterday who works in a bodyshop and has a long family history of Mondeo ownership going back to a Mk1, so a perfect buyer who knows what to look for on old Fords and has the experience to sort it out. He was most interested in the fact that the engine, gearbox, clutch and exhaust were in great condition and there was no rusty sills/mounts on the car, wasn't fussed about the cosmetics, as he can sort that out, nor the minor things like perished seals etc. He's coming to pick it up this afternoon, so it will hopefully be sold soon!

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