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Ford Focus ambient lighting

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Hi guys I’ve noticed I’ve got little ambient lights in my car my footwell door handles and door bin is red and want to change the colour I’ve looked everywhere online and it says there’s a button by the sunglasses holder at the top but it’s not there, the other option is to press settings on sync2 and then vehicle and it should be there but I can’t seem to find it there is just a valet option. Is there another way to change the ambient lighting colour and brightness apart from what I’ve said ?

My software seems to be up to date according to the ford website.

any help would be greatly appreciated 



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There are two versions of ambient lighting. 

Multi colour ambient lighting has either physical or software buttons to cycle the colours. 

Ambient lighting is a single fixed colour


Sounds like you have the latter. 

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 Is there any way of getting the multi colour at all ? I’ve got a blue car and the inside just glows red 😤

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Not easily, depending on the model, it can need a different wiring loom and additional modules.

Sometimes it is controlled from the BCM, other times it has a dedicated module.

It's probably easier to turn it off and wire in your own LEDs of a different colour.

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Arnold Clark are willing to pay for it depending on the price for it to be done just wanting to see if it can be done a ford dealership said yes but gave me no idea of price so I’m hoping to try find one sharpish 

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It won't be cheap to retrofit the OEM multicolour lighting. There are two versions, depending on the age of the car. One has a separate control module just for the ambient lights that fits in the roof, the other includes the control systems in the BCM. Apart from the control module it will require new wiring and several new LED lighting units. The existing lighting units won't do. Plus the lighting units aren't easy to get - I had an issue with mine and it took 3 months to get the part from Ford. I would be extremely surprised if a Ford dealer would even want to undertake the work on a car that wasn't originally fitted with multicolour lighting. As Alex says, it'd be far easier just to wire in your own units.

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