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Col’s Mk4 Focus ST

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MST induction kit arrived on New Year's Eve however there was a problem. The support bracket that should have been welded on halfway along the crossover pipe was missing. It's a shame though as it seems to be a quality bit of kit. Now it's just a case of waiting for MST/KMS Motorsport getting back to me regarding a replacement.

IMG_1918.thumb.jpeg.b42f000d954917016be61612cf74aaf1.jpeg 97465704-F5DD-407A-B72B-72804036D948.thumb.jpg.0103343176c0c79b379101f8f2d3de42.jpg

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Good news, received an email from MST. They've changed the design of the crossover pipe and that bracket is no longer used so it's left off the newer induction kits.

Got it fitted tonight, just to put the lid on and go for a play 😁


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9 hours ago, Acid House 1988 said:

Looks good, any noticeable difference in the performance or have you not had a chance to put it through its paces properly yet? Just curious...

It certainly feels like it’s picking up more quickly now. I also turned the fake engine sound off via FORScan so I could hear what it sounds like without any digital enhancement. It sounds excellent now, lots of induction and turbo noises, very addictive to keep planting the foot!

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