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2017 Fiesta bonnet release not working


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My Girlfriend owns a 2017 ford fiesta and she is having difficulty opening the bonnet as it does not pop open when you pull the 'hood release' lever.

I was able to open the bonnet by pulling the release lever which caused the bonnet to lift slightly but did not pop open full (just enough to get my fingertips in and lift with a little bit of force). However, most recently this doesn't happen and when we pull the bonnet release lever, it does not pop open at all and is impossible to flick the latch to release the bonnet fully. 

Does anyone have any particular experience with this sort of issue and how to fix? I personally have no experience with fords as I drive a Toyota GT86.


Any advise would be hugely appreciated, thanks in advance.

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Sometimes it helps if someone pushes down on front of bonnet, then someone else pulls the handle and whilst the handle is held , the first person lets go of the bonnet and it pops up

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4 hours ago, strodder123 said:

No the lever lifts without any resistance, and there’s no tactile ‘click’ as it were to indicate the mechanism has released 

Oh dear ! would be a nice way to put it. Looks like you have snapped the cable to the bonnet latch OR if you are very lucky the bonet latch is stuck in the open position and the bonnet has just not popped up (yet).

Try pressing down firmly on the bonnet, even bounce it a bit. If the latch is stuck it may free it. If the cable has snapped then you are in for some fun, it can sometimes be opened from under the car using a wire coat hanger. You need to remove the sump under guard first.

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