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Costings enquiry for sensors quoted at so called trade price


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I have a 2020 Ford Puma 1.0, with the Ford Sync system installed and rear sensors linked to it

I am looking to get front sensors and a rear parking assist camera installed, and have been quoted a price from a dealer which I dont believe

Has anyone else had such a system installed and how much were you charged.

I am in dispute with  my local dealer over another matter and he is trying to pacify me with a so called Trade price installation, which based on track record I simply do not believe, hence the enquiry before making a formal complaint to Ford UK

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I suspect there wont be many have retrofitted from a dealers up to this point, so you may have to judge the price offered based on what you think represents good value. Personally if it were me (have the front sensors and camera already included), I'd happily pay £300 to £400 to have genuine Ford parts installed (colour coded bumper sensors etc) which would then be covered by my warranty etc. 

Not sure if this helps at all though...  

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How much have you been quoted? I think it would be more than £400.

The front sensors are listed on a Fiesta price sheet at £349 fitted, but no mention of colour coding. The sensors seem to be suitable for multiple cars including the Puma yet it's not on the Puma price list. 

Not seen anything listed as such for a reversing camera. Do you know that your system will accept a camera? (sorry, I don't know much about these new tablet screen units, are they all the same?) for example, I have a Mondeo with sat nav and a reverse camera yet another Mondeo with just sat nav won't accept a camera unless the whole unit is changed too.

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