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Wiperblade Replacement - Where?


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Hi all, looking for some help as this is doing my head in.

Popped into Halfrauds today to get a wiper for the car as the end tip is missing so the wiper starts to drift off the side. Couldn't get a replacement there so thought I would check online. I can't for the life of me find the right blade.

Sorry if this sounds really dense but do the blades come with the washer jets pre-installed or should I be looking to disassemble the washer jet part of the wiperblade to re-fit to the replacement? I couldn't see how to easily swap it out and this is the first time I've ever had the washer jets on the blades themselves.

Is Ford the only option for a replacement?

Car is a 69' S-Max ST Eco

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Don't know for certain but normally on cars where the washers are attached to the Wiper Blades, you should be able to unclip them and then attached to new blades.

From Ford

Ebay  Some listings are for two different length blades so make sure they are both 30" 


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Since when have  the washer jets, been fitted to the the wiper blade. Every s-max I’ve even seen, has them on the plastic scuttle cover.  Theses are also heated, I don’t see Ford running electrical cables up a wiper arm.  

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I must admit, I have only ever owned Fords, and none of them had wiper blade washer jets.

We did have a Peugeot 405 4x4 estate at work which had them, and I thought they were great.

Kits are available to fit them, so OP may have had some of those on his blades.

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