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Air Con switching on (2016 1l Eco)

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Hi got the above motor with 25k on the clock. All of a sudden everytime I go to the car now and switch on the Air Con button is lit ! No problem switching it off but next time there it is again !!! Any ideas ? is it something I've done ? altered a setting somewhere ?

Any help gratefully received

Kenny t.o.D.

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I find this feature very annoying. I would prefer it if I could make my own decisions when to turn it on, like in my previous 2007 fiesta. Does anyone know if that can be disabled using forscan? 

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I think even Forscan would be confused by the HVAC system in current Ford Fiestas. After a year and a good look at the book I still have to rely on inspired guesswork from time to time.

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if set to windscreen (white screen button) it should remain off, however if set to max demist (orange screen button) it will switch on ac/front screen/rear screen and set fan speed to max to help rapidly demist the car

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