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MK5 240PS - Gearbox reliability?

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Hi All,

Have searched lots but nothing much found.

Trying to figure out any potential issues with the Mk5 prior to purchase, I believe it uses the 6F35 box, lots of issues reported on American forums.


How are these holding up?

Anyone have an opinion or experience to offer? Any high mileage examples?




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I don't take too much notice of what our friends across the pond say. For example, they ruin thousands of Focus ST 2L ecoboost engines because they don't know how to drive a manual trans veh properly.

The 6F35 mid range is the end result of a joint design effort between Ford USA and GM (General Motors), each now manufacture their own units. It is now also available in 8 speed form for some models. It is a normal torque converter type trans

There is no official servicing requirement for the 6F35.

In general, it is a very good unit. You will always read stories about people bad experiences with any item, but against that, people who are happy and have no problems don't post up.

I ran a 2011 Mk4.5 Mondeo 2L Ecooboost (Getrag Powershift trans) for 4 years, no problems whatsoever, and I had a 2015 Mk5 2L Ecoboost (6F35) for 4 years, no problems whatsoever. I would definitely have another veh that had the USA/GM unit in it.

I don't do Mondeo anymore as they stopped doing 2L petrol models - I was always hoping for a 2.3 engine with an 8 speed auto to be announced but that did not happen, and never will now

I used to look at this site and there is nothing seriously and consistently mentioned on here about major problems even though most of the veh are "tuned"


Go into the uk TalkFord Forum - into Mk5 Mondeo menu - into Drivetrain Menu - you won't find anything much detrimental whatsoever against the 6F35 trans

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Thank for your reply.


I had an accord 2.4 previously which was a lovely car, but all the later models have sunroofs and at 6ft4 I don't comfortably fit.


Hence the change to a mondeo, the 240ps seems interesting enough and helps avoid the VAG branded money pits. 

It was one of these or an octavia VRS but the mondeos seem a nicer spec for the same £!


Just cautious of any issues

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