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Front Gross Axle Weight - Focus Mk4 Estate/Turnier/Wagon


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I am trying to purchase some springs for my Focus ST-Line Estate/Turnier/Wagon.  I see the major companies, H&R & Eibach each require a front gross axle weight.  Does anyone have any idea as to what the Front Gross Axle Weight is on a MK4 Estate/Turnier/Wagon is?

To answer some questions:

  1. I have checked the compliance plate
  2. I have checked the owners manual
  3. I have rang the local ford dealer
  4. I have rang Ford (Awaiting a technical call back)
  5. I have asked Google
  6. I have asked an H&R dealer and provided information and they can't look it up

I didn't think purchasing springs would be so hard.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, or if you have fitted either brand of springs, which part number did you fit?


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Well if you are in the UK drive to any public weigh bridge (normally run by the council) pay the £10 fee.

I have just done this with a Horsebox since we wanted to uprate the rear springs.

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