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Thinking of going to b-max.....Advice please.


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I have been on here a few years as a paid member as owning a fiesta Titanium which i love,the old 1.6.(not 1 problem in 7 years)

I have problems with my back and i was looking at b-max being smaller than the c-max and i do not a lot of miles and very local trips and only me 1 person.

The main things are they reliable like known faults and the big thing isit  a lot higher up to get into as my fiesta when i have a bad day so hard to get out of.

I would not be looking at a newer one it would be around the 2015 model.


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Just had a quick look how much they are selling for,i would look at a 2013 reg area as 2015 up are a bit to much.

The main thing is the height of the seat,my fiesta is low so is it a nice bit higher up and any faults to look for.

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Very few posts on here on the B-Max. 

Bit of info in this review:


Never owned one but my dealer used to run one (100ps ecoboost) as a courtesy car and it was ok, seating position quite a bit higher than the Fiesta iirc, but a bit heavier so not as nippy for the same engines. Very versatile with the rear sliding doors, though, but it never really seemed to catch on like, say, the Honda Jazz (which might also be worth a look, along with the Nissan Note?).

Possible issue is engine choice. Iirc at various times it was available with the 1.6 tdci with about 75 or 95ps, a 1.4 petrol, or the 1.6 petrol (auto only). Most petrols though seem to be 1.0 ecoboosts which as you will know are the subject of several threads, though it does seem most of the issues occur when oil changes have been missed so you would need to look out for evidence that they have been carried out correctly.



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