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Sync Update Error Message NAVVOICE_ERR01


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Hi all,

I've encountered an issue when trying to update Maps to the latest version. Unfortunately, I keep getting this error message:582664045_2021-10-1911_51_19-Window.thumb.png.5a6d8552bf24564fccd3c5ae5a47ca3c.png 


I can't seem to get past it. I have reset the unit to default, wiped all settings. I've also run the troubleshooting update on the Ford website, then downloaded, extracted and tried again but no luck.

The service / support people are less than helpful. So hoping if someone else has come across an error like this and can advise!


Many thanks,



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I had this error. I tried several times to do the update (approx 9.7GB of files) and got the same error message. I worked out that my maps had updated to F10 and that this is just the 'Gracenote part of the update'.  I solved the error by deleting the 9.7GB of files off the memory stick and replacing them with the 'full' previous map update I downloaded from Ford. I also waited until 5 minutes into my commute to work before plugging in the USB stick. It installed the update no problem and the error has gone. [Unfortunately it hasn't solved my 'no GPS' signal. I've got a 67 plate Focus].  Hope this solves your ERR message 🙂

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Hi @Geogjoe,

Thanks for getting back to me. That's really useful to know. I'm guessing you were lucky and had the old file on your computer to re-write to USB? Or is there a place I can download the 'full' update?

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