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Soaking wet O/S front and rear foot well


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Yesterday I noticed that the front and rear O/S foot well were wet. I'm not even talking a little bit - it's that wet you could swim in it!

I've got my front and rear seat out and cleared the boot. We've sprayed water over every possible entry point we can think of and cannot find any leaks.

Due to the amount of water I'm guessing it isn't something that has been happening over time - we've had really heavy rain recently so clearly water has gotten in somewhere. 

The A pillar isn't wet and neither are the sides. It's just soaking wet on the floor itself.

So much water that it can't be the air con. Isnt the door seals or the windows.

Any ideas?

Only noticed it yesterday after my car had been driven - but it wasn't raining at the time of driving.

I'm going crazy trying to thing of things to try so any suggestions would be appreciated. 




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