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Fiesta misfiring and codes P1201, P1203 and P0380


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Hi all, 

Ever since I bought my car about 2 years ago it has been misfiring fairly regularly. I first broke down within days (the engine light came on, the dash says engine malfunction it runs rough and goes in to limp) with fault codes P1201 Cylinder #1 injector circuit shorted/ opened and P0380 Glowplug control circuit. 


Apparently some wiring was fixed on the injector but it continued misfiring so it was fixed again, not sure what was done but apparently it went to an auto electrician. 


It continued to misfire as before and I broke down again with P1203 Cylinder #3 injector circuit shorted/ opened. This injector has been replaced now but shocker the car continues misfiring. I broke down a week or so ago however this time the engine light went off after I restarted and no fault code remains. 


Does this point to maybe an ecu fault as its multiple injectors? Does anyone have any recommendations please I'm about at my wits end I've only done 5k miles in this car in 2 years as I'm afraid to go long distance and break down again. 

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On 12/4/2021 at 8:34 PM, ThatFlookGuy said:

I have a similar issue. Will update when I take a better look at mine tomrorrow.

Hy. Can you please tell me what it was? 

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I doubt you will get a reply as neither of the above have visited the site for over a year. You may be better starting a new post with as much information as possible ie what year engine etc.

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