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Car Analytics - A must have for when buying a used Ford


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Why Car Analytics Vehicle History Check?
There are three reasons why you should opt for the vehicle history check from Car Analytics (CA).

  • The CA report is the most comprehensive in the UK market, including every detail the vehicle has experienced in the past.
  • The CA vehicle history check is the cheapest of all, available for just £8.95.
  • The Car Analytics provides the highest data guarantee (£40,000 compared to £30,000 offered by other providers) and best customer support.

Vehicle History Check vs Vehicle Pre-purchase Inspection, What are the differences?
In simple words, a vehicle history check gives you all the information about the car’s past without revealing its current condition. It includes factors like MOT history, import/export status, outstanding finance details, write-off info, stolen vehicle record, proof of financial disputes, mileage anomalies, ownership history, etc.

On the other hand, a vehicle pre-purchase inspection is all about examining its mechanical and physical condition. It comprises the vehicle’s exterior, engine, electric controls, interior & luggage compartment, suspension, transmission, exhaust system, brakes, etc. Know the difference in detail here.

CarAnalytics - See what's included in our full vehicle history check

Outstanding Finance Check  Check if a car has outstanding finance on it

Car Write Off Check  Check if a car is an insurance write off

Stolen (Police) Car Check  Check if a car is stolen or recorded in the PNC

Number Plate Change History  Check if DVLA registered car number plate change

Car Owner Check (Keepers History)  Check how many owners a car has had

Car Mileage History Check  Check if a car has any mileage discrepancies or clocked

DVLA Scrapped Car Check  Check if a car is scrapped and destroyed by an ATF

Check Car Valuation  Check how much is car worth trade and private valuations

Take a look at their sample reports to see how detailed these reports are.

Visit Car Analytics

Use Offer Code: BFCA20 for 20% discount


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