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Start stop and quick clear not working Ford MONDEO mk5

ian stanford

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As @DaveT70 says it is probably the battery. Once its state of charge fall below 80% then the car starts disabling things to save power.

The alternator on your car uses the Smart Charge system, which is often not as clever as it would like to think it is.

You need to put the battery on charge overnight. Leave it connected to the car. Connet charger positive lead to battery positive and connect the charger negative lead to the body/chassis main earth terminal (next to the battery) - do NOT connect the negative of the charger to the battery negative.

If after that you still have problems its probably time for a new battery,

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Agree with comments as above.

Make sure battery is 1,000%

The worst scenario I know of (on the TalkFord Forum) after loads of investigation and ruling out deffo not battery it turned out it was a faulty central fuse box, but this is rare fault, just a warning bit of info

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This sounds like the battery management system needs resetting... put ignition on with the engine running flash the main beam switch 5 times and then press brake peddle 3 times and wait the battery symbol will flash 3 times and then will come up battery system restored. Worked on mine and the main dealer couldn't even sort this problem because my local Ford dealership are useless.

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