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Changing Fiesta 09 stereo to 12 stereo

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I’ve recently come to own an 09 Fiesta, and wanted to upgrade the stereo so we could connect via bluetooth. After reading several threads here I decided the best solution would be to replace our stereo with one from a 2012 Fiesta, which came with bluetooth as standard.

I purchased a second hand stereo (AHU, screen, fascia), but only realised after pulling everything out that the cable harnesses aren’t the same, and I can’t seem to find a suitable adapter. Could someone please point me in the right direction? I tried contacting retailers, but they could only give me information on adapting for aftermarket stereos.


pics are here:




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First of all, the bluetooth module is separate to the stereo and located above the passenger footwell. Changing the stereo/screen won't give you bluetooth.

I don't know what threads you've read, but any that I've come across about this I've commented that it's damm near impossible to fit the stereo from the facelift into the pre-facelift mk7 fiesta. This is because the facelift uses sync (basically fancy bluetooth with emergency calling etc.) that isn't compatible with your car.

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