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No oil getting to Turbocharger - 1.0 Ecoboost


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13 hours ago, M0ndeo said:


I just got my own similar engine repaired.

There is also strainer in vacuum pump oil feed line.

It is inside vacuum pump and can be seen and easily cleaned if you remove vacuum pump , mine was completely blocked.

Just want to let you know since these engines has also suffered failed vacuum pumps and it is because of that oil starvation.

Also there was strainers inside vvt cam gears , those are inside that cam gear bolt and can be cleaned when you take out that circlip and disassemble those valves.

But i recommend that you clean that vacuum pump strainer , unless already done so.

Yes, thanks - I did that when I removed the cylinder head and yes it had soft debris in the gauze. The vacuum pump itself was new as replaced that earlier on in the saga.

Didn't disassemble the cam gears but did back flush them with brake cleaner with no obvious obstructions or signs of debris. Fingers crossed. In theory there shouldn't be any debris (as these locations are after the filter) but some seems to get through the system.

Note there is also another gauze filter that's easily missed and that is on the end of the Pressure Control Valve (PCV) located at the lower back of the engine block. This is an important position as it controls the oil flow/pressure to key components. In my case it wasn't blocked but that was perhaps more to do with the fact it had been replaced earlier in the saga with the oil pump.

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Hi Rat

could you plz explain how you got to the internal filter. I’ve got the same problem. Bought new turbo. Need to get to the filter to replace. Ford has told me that’s the cause of no oil. Could you plz assist with the method of getting to the filter



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Leonard, the location of the filter is in the engine block (No.1 cylinder fan belt end), retained by a screwed plug. To unscrew the plug and remove/replace the filter it is necessary to dismantle the timing cover.

Unfortunately, for most people without garage facilities and special tooling, this is not easily achieved. It requires most of the work necessary to change the wet cam belt.

If that filter is blocked, it is highly likely that your timing belt requires replacement and your oil pump strainer also requires the removal of debris.

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