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Focus mk3 Water in footwell and boot please help


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Whatever else you do - have a look and see if there's a rubber bung in the spare wheel well.

If there is - take it out temporarily so that any water getting in can drain out.

If there is a hole but no bung - put a bung in. It might be that water is being sprayed up into the wheel well through the hole, or simply getting in if you drive through flooods (there's a lot of it about at present).

Some years ago I had a similr issue with a Cavalier, I suspected the radio ariel was to blame. So I put chalk marks across the panel below the ariel mount and below side vents and any other likley places, and looked a few days later after heavy rain, car washing and a hosepipe!  When I looked I could see where water had dribbled down and washed away some of the chalk. As a result I used some seek-and-seal around the grommet where the tailgate cables were routed into the bodywork! Location of leak identified and problem solved.

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