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2020 Ford Focus when do I need my 2-year/18k mile service?


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I'm a bit confused about when my Focus will be due for its first 2 year service.

I bought the car in June 2021 as an ex-demo with 4.5k miles, I'm currently on 8k miles. In my Service Portfolio it has the Pre-Delivery Inspection done on 10/08/2020 - this would mean the service is due in August 2022, and the date of Next Service Due on my invoice when I purchased the car is 31/07/2022 with the 1st Registration Date of 12/08/2020 so this seems to match.

However, when I look at the service history in the FordPass app it has the Pre-Delivery Inspection dated 02/12/2019 and states the Next Service Due is 02/12/2021 - so would mean I am now overdue for the 2 year service.

So what date should I go by as there a 8 month difference between the two?

Thanks in advance

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I agree with you, 2years or 18k would be to long for me I would change the engine oil  between 10k and 12k for peace of mind, on saying that some like V/W or AUDI go for 18k with long life oil.

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On 1/5/2022 at 7:28 PM, Luke4efc said:

Just get it serviced.

Personally I think 2 years or 18k miles is too long to wait for any service, especially if it's the 1.0L ecoboost you have.

I have been looking into this, I also think 2 years is too long for an eco boost, think I will want to change every year. Dealer cost £150.  Seems a lot of expense to go to but guess it’s better than a new engine.  

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