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Focus 2.5 (59)Android install problems


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Hi all I got a focus 2009 round replica set, I’m trying to get sound from the radio app and dab on a Chinese android 9.1 unit.

dab searches for stations and don’t do nothing else. No sound 

Got intermittent radio fuzz I don’t know how but just silent now.

There seems to be the radio Arial which is factory and a blue fakra coming from the right side in the stereo cavity, unsure if factory, seems cable tied but can’t see where it goes toward the steering wheel somewhere. 
I brought a dab box and window dab Arial set on amazon the dab don’t say connecting now but don’t get any stations.

I took the factory roof Arial out which was rusted cleaned it up with electrical cleaner and light sandpaper and got a new wand from Halfords not a sound.

video works well the pre installed Chinese food video does anyway and has sound.

iPhone plays music via Bluetooth 

steering controls volume works and song change. Factory mic seems to work I didn’t use the one that came with the unit. 
maybe there is a wire that I am meant to connect but I am lost 

any help appreciated 


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