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breakdown cover


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The first thing you need to decide is it 'You' or a particular 'Car' that you want cover for.

The RAC do a package that's not too costly that covers 'You' rather than the vehicle, and at least that way what ever you happen to be driving will be covered.

Of course if you only have one car and it is driven by multiple drivers then you are probably better to get the car covered.

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If you only have one car and nobody else ever drives it then I would get driver breakdown cover from the RAC. If you get yourself covered then if you breakdown while driving something else they will still help you.

The AA is good but no better than the RAC but more expensive. Others like Greenflag are cheaper but they use a lot of small independent garages to do the recovery work and it's very hit and miss as to how good they are.

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On 1/14/2022 at 4:40 PM, lasthope said:

thinking of getting some breakdown cover any info whos best

I don’t think anyone can say which is best.It’s all about your experience at the time you need them.I’m with the AA .My starter failed at home and turned up even though I don’t have the home breakdown package,which was good of them.They offered to replace my faulty starter but unfortunately their quote was expensive so decided to replace myself. 
One little niggle, but it’s probably just me, I had to answer far too many questions on the phone before my call out was active.

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Recently I ran out of petrol on a motorbike.  Stupid I know but old bikes don’t have petrol gauges. I rang RAC , took ages on phone going through details twice with different people , then they said it would take 4 hours even though I was on the  edge of a city.  So I told them to forget it so I walked home (about 30-40 mins) and got petrol can. Perhaps they were busy and had staff off with covid but the telephone experience was poor.  I have cover on me as a person for an vehicle I am driving or in as a passenger.  Automatically includes motorbikes. 

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