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2016 fiesta 1.0 ecoboost 100 reliability


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I have a 2016 ford fiesta 1.0 ecoboost 100bhp. I bought it at 18k 3 years ago and it has been annually serviced at my local Ford dealer and is now on 37k. It seems to me that these cars are extremely reliable and popular with many 1000s sold, however there are Internet groups creating fear over cambelt failure (ecoboom). For this reason, I have maintained ford dealer services as the impression given on these groups is that if there is a premature failure ford might be persuaded to contribute if dealer serviced. What is the truth in this. What is the reliability and if the car is looked after, driven sensibly and given regular oil and filter changes with the correct oil,is there anything to fear and is there anything to gain by maintaining main ford dealer services.

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The engine is quite reliable IF maintained properly.

It doesn't really matter who does it, as long as it's done properly.

The main thing with Ecoboosts is to keep an eye on the coolant level

And also to ensure that the correct oil is used and NEVER use additives and NEVER, EVER use flush as these are what causes the belt to break down.

Change the oil to the correct oil regularly and it should last well.  

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Hello Kevin, what DaveT70 says is very true and will give the best chance for your 1.0 ecoboost to last. I would advise not keeping it any more than 2 years so that you can sell it while it still has 2 years to go before the need to change the wet belts.

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