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What on earth is going on with the prices of the MK2 Escort..??

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What on earth is going on with the prices of the MK2 Escort..??

When I was younger and the MK2 was current I had a MK1 Mexico followed by brand new MK2 Mexico, plus several MK1 Escort estates as company cars.  When the MK3 arrived it was a revelation.

The MK3 1.3L estate I was given as my new company car was faster than both the MK1 and MK2 Mexico’s, and that’s acceleration and top speed, and still did more miles per gallon. The MK3 steered and braked better and was much quieter and way more comfortable, just a better car in every respect.

I remember at first putting my 18,000 mile Mk2 Mexico in the garage to ‘save for best’. Three months later I got it out only to realise what an awful thing it was to drive now that I’d become used to the MK3. The MK2 was slow, noisy, tiresome and generally a dissapointment. Why on earth are people paying such stupid money for them? Me and my mates who all had one of some sort couldn’t wait to get rid of them!

I actually shoved my MK2 Mexico back in the garage where it sat for three and a half years, when I dragged it out of the garage with the brakes and clutch seized I couldn’t wait to get rid of it. It was a basic Escort body tub with a 1.6 engine (twin choke carb for some performance LOLOL… performance…. LOL), plus stick on stripes and a boot lid spoiler… oh and Recaro seats. It makes me laugh to think of it now.

The RS2000 was an Escort tub with a transit van engine, and a lump of plastic hanging off the front so that it could have four headlights, oh and Recaro seats, don’t forget the seats.

Whatever next? Ancient Nissan Micra’s changing hands at £50k a go? Classic car dealers must be wetting themselves with laughter. The sad fact is that when this looney bubble bursts some poor schmucks are going to be stuck with £40k worth of awful car with cheapo stripes and some Cibbie spotlights (which will be the best bits on display).  Hilarious… Oh well.


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I agree to an extent, although I do own a Venetian Red Mk2 RS2000. The prices have gone ballistic; its all down simply to nostalgia. A lot of (mainly) men of a certain age, maybe through an inheritance or pension/early retirement, have a bit of cash and fancy getting a car that they (or their Dad) had in their youth. Unfortunately, as you elude to, the old Fords were not the best built cars when new and either rotted away years ago or were put through a hedge backwards. So there are not many left. That then creates a supply/demand issue.  I disagree with you slightly when you say they were disappointing. My old RS2000 is easy to work on compared to modern cars, easy to modify and that is what most people did/do and enjoy.  I have upgraded most bits (including adding an LSD) and on a quiet country road, it is a hoot to drive. With 148bhp at the wheels in a 900kg car, it also goes like the proverbial sh** off a shovel. But, you are right, standard factory specification cars are a bit lame. Every time I take it out, I get lots of friendly waves from people, thumbs up's, people photographing it when I park up etc. It is nice to see such affection for what is, in reality, a bit of an old tin box, that in 'real world' conditions, a modern turbo diesel is far better to drive. I guess the "when did you last see one of them" syndrome, combined with nostalgia puts a heavy dose of Rose tinting on peoples perception 🙂

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