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Yellow spanner light on and loss of power


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Was driving a couple of weeks ago and the spanner symbol flashed up and i lost power, i was able to drive home but at lower speed, left it for 30mins then started it up and its ok has been for a couple of weeks and has happend again ...does anyone know what this is? 

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Well using a generic diagnostic tool gets you basic generic codes which mostly don't help a great lot. 

Your options are use FORScan to get the Ford DTC'S or take it to a Ford dealer and get them to do the diagnostic test. 

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If its the spanner it might be a sliping clutch during hard acceleration in 1st or 2nd gear. Ford dealer advice, go easy on the gas and don't ride the clutch.

You can reset by switching off ignition and back on again.

A smell of clutch may be a givaway.

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Possibly low battery voltage upsetting modules . If it’s original, then probably 5 years old, year and week nr stamped on top of negative terminal.

just a guess in the absence of DTCs


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Oops , sorry only replied looking at previous post. Must read further back with respect to dates.


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Car looses power and goes into limp home mode when accelerating hard, fault clears when ignition is switched off an on again

Using an OBD2 code readeriCAR PRO SCAN bluetooth 4.0 ELM 327 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Scanner For Android iOs (you can also get an apple version)

(see Haynes best buys) the cheap one £13 using a smartphone brourght up the following:

Raw code: 023422
ECU: Engine control unit
Status: Test failed, Test failed (current drive cycle), Pending, Confirmed, Test failed since last DTC clear
Turbocharger (TC), engine boost condition - limit exceeded
Engine Overboost Condition

Raw code: 132B21
ECU: Engine control unit[Archive (inactive)]
Status: Confirmed, Test not completed since last DTC clear


There is a non return valve on the vacuum pump held in by one screw and connected by a hoze clip. This valve assists with vaccum to the solenoid which controls the turbo in some way. This valve had failed. New one is about £10 or less. No ford part number as it comes with the vac pump.Serch on eBay for:  Ford 1.0 & 1.5 Ecoboost Fiesta Focus Transit Vacuum Pump Valve Repair Set UK


Take great care not to snap the hoze connector on the solenoid. If you do it is Ford part Number 7 04011.01. Problem is you get all the vacuum hose assembly as well. So use eBay and look for CM5G-9F490-AA and P416.

This job is easy as access is simple, you may have to take the induction pipe off to aid access. If you want more info see utube vids on the issue and maybe use a vacuum gauge to diagnose. The vacuum pump is on the RHS driven off one of the camshafts.

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2 hours ago, Snoot said:

Car looses power

The original poster last visited the forum 28th May 2022. I would hope that by now they will have fixed the problem.

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