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Focus Mk 5 bonnet release

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Couldn't open the bonnet. Looked at a few posts. Had a go... 


Loosen, before removing, the cable ducting and airbag key housing trim. Just let the airbag key trim hang. You need to loosen this to access the bonnet pull handle locking pin/clip (see picture). Once you lift thisnpin/clip the bonnet release handle can be removed - use a flat head screw driver to lift the pin. 

Remove the bonnet release handle and you can remove the cable housing trim. 

There are 3 hex/star securing screws that keep the cable cam in place. Remove these and you can remove the cable cam - use flat head screw driver to prise away from car.

Then you release the cable from the cam. I left the cable hanging so I can use grips to open the bonnet until it goes in for a service

Simply do the reverse to tidy things up. 

This is a frustrating and time consuming job. Shouldn't have to do this on a 3 year old car... 


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Focus Mk 5 bonnet release

So even in the future Ford are still having problems with the bonnet release !! 🤣

All those awaiting delivery of there brand new Focus Mk4.5 are going to be very disappointed


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