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Hi All

Can anyone offer help or advice, regarding my "old" Ford Puma, Y Reg!

I am looking to sell my car, reluctantly, as a (being polite here) a "stupid" idiot crashed into me, in 2018 (after jumping a red light) and sadly, due to ill health and not being able to work, I have not been able to "restore" it.  I lost my Dad in 2017, and this was "our" car.  

There is minimal damage, surprisingly, but I have no keys (cannot find them anywhere), and there is general "wear and tear" BUT, prior to the above, Puma was in full working order, I have, over the years, had a lot of work done to it, and it drove like a dream.

I keep having notices placed on the car, where I live, but I don't want to scrap it, and would rather someone bought it for spares/repairs.  I'd like it to go to someone who will respect the vehicle for what it was, because it was a stunning car.

Please feel free to contact me, via email, if you would like to buy.  I am in the West Thurrock area of Essex. 

Thank you.

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Did you get rid of it in the end?

Stick a cover on it and keep it for another 10 years (I reckon, maybe 5???).

When you take the cover off it'll be worth £10k, for proof see Ford Capri

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Try Mathesons of Thornton le Dale, Yorkshire. It's the Bangers and Cash show on tv. They auction everything motor related. Maybe worth a call.

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