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Poor MPG - DPF issue?

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Hi ive got a 65 plate EcoSport TDI 1.5 and the fuel economy is a joke

I can use 70 miles of fuel (and see the needle drop) for a 20 mile journey 

I've had the injectors cleaned and a full service but nothing seems to work. When the injectors were cleaned the guy said there were no fault codes but the ECU was locked as if it had been tampered with and a dealer will need to access it. Also he thought the car was doing too many forced regens and there was soot in the exhaust 

Can anyone shed any light on what the issue could be?

Does an EcoSport have a dpf fluid tank?


Thanks in advance guys









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The fuel gauge on your car like most, is not linear, it is logarithmic. It is not a calibrated scientific instrument, it is purely intended to give an approximate indication of how much fuel is in the tank. 

From full, the first half of the gauge will always drop more quickly the the second half, on your model due to the type of tank sender unit.

If you want to know the true MPG then fill the tank full to the very top and then drive till it is nearly empty. Refill the tank back to the very top and see who much fuel it takes.

Then a bit of simple maths to convert litres to gallons and you will then be able to accurately work out the MPG

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2 hours ago, KATL0314 said:

Does an EcoSport have a dpf fluid tank?

No.  So can rule that out at least. :smile: 

I'm guessing the fault scanning was done with a generic reader rather than a Ford specific tool?  There are various things that can cause frequent regens - short journeys of course, but also faulty sensors, leaky EGRs, partially blocked DPF's etc.  Too many variables to start throwing parts at without something more to go on.

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