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Left turn signal hyperflash…Turn signal feedback stuck high


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2013 Boss 302

Im left with one BCMB DTC. B1265:24-48 ( left rear turn signal feedback stuck high)

I have used ForScan and erased DTC, but comes back. I have also reset BCMB and no luck.

To verify that tail ligh and bulbs are good i switched everything over to the right side, functions perfectly.

So any techs or experienced people in here know how to fix this?…..im leaning to a new BCMB or possible flash with new software for the BCMB.




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The most common cause is:

One of the 3 lamps either  Front - Rear - Side, is out. Or one of them is the wrong wattage, or one of them has been replaced by an LED.


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The car has stock rear LED’s. Fronts are stock bulbs. Side marker lights are changed to LED’s, but works fine on the right side, and switching all lights and bulbs from left ro right they are fine. All bulbs are in working order.

To me it seems like B1265:24-48 is stuck in BCMB or possible SJB signal

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Check that the rear left light cluster has a good ground connection.

Switch on the normal rear lights and get someone to sit in the drivers seat and press the brake pedal. Switch on the left indicator. Does the rear light and brake light kind of flash bright then dim ?

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4 minutes ago, T-K said:

They will just blink super fast

If you are confirming the the red tail light and the brake light are also flashing then that confirms the the ground wire (negative) wire is broken.

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Ah !!!!!

Now I understand, I didn't realise you have sequential flash indicators.

I've no idea how the rear indicator lights are controlled on your Mustang. It will either be a local sequential control fitted on the rear light assembly OR it will be controlled by the Body Control Module.

To save on wiring I would expect that the sequential controller will be in the rear light assembly. The lights you have are not something that we have in the UK so information here is limited.

To test the complete light assembly you could remove both the left and right lights and swap them over. Obviously they won't fit but for the purpose of test you will be able to hold them in place long enough to try them.

You really need help from someone in the USA who have details on the Mustang's rear lights.

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