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P0715 Input/Turbine Shaft Speed Sensor A Circuit Fault

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Hi everyone

I am hoping to get some advice about an issue I'm having with my 2015 Mondeo. 

I have searched on the forum for a few bits and read some of the fault diagnostic threads but haven't been able to find anything specific to my issue. 

Recently when driving the car it started coming up with a "Transmission Limited Function" warning on the dash, the car would still drive fine and the warning could be accepted and disappear. 

I have done some research online and it sounds like there could be a few causes... I plugged in with my OBD on FORScan and read the fault code in the thread title which was produced from the DTC. I wasn't sure if it was just a random sensor fault so continued to drive the car but it came on more often and so I took the car to my local garage, they had a look but said they didn't have time to look into the fault and suggested it go to Ford. 

So I took the car into a main Ford dealer near me and they advised that all they could do was change the transmission oil and filter (costing £600), I reluctantly agreed and they changed the oil. When I collected the car it drove fine for approx 50 miles and I thought the oil change had cracked it but the fault has returned... They said that if the oil change did not fix it then the gearbox would have to be dropped out and sent to a gearbox specialist for inspection and they don't have any more ideas?? Surely there must be other things to try or look into before we go for open heart surgery! I am shocked that after spending £600 on the oil change that sending the gearbox off is the next best thing they can offer!

This is what brings me here, I would like to test the wiring etc but I am struggling to find a wiring diagram for the car (if anyone could help with that I'd really appreciate it). I think the senor itself might be difficult to access on my drive but I would like to try everything I can myself before I take it back to Ford. 

Doing some basic research online here are the potential causes:

  • Failed input/turbine speed sensor
  • Failed output speed sensor
  • Failed torque converter
  • Faulty wiring
  • Debris on input/turbine speed sensor
  • Debris on output speed sensor
  • Damaged reluctor ring for input/turbine speed sensor

It baffles me that the best thing a main dealer can do for me is "change the oil". 

Any advice or experience that anyone has with the same issue would be really appreciated.


Thanks again Mark





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Hi again thanks for the reply

It's the 2015 Ford MONDEO Mk5 2.0 TDCi 6 Speed Automatic Powershift Gearbox. The code P0715 code was attached to the TCM on FORScan. 

I will probably have a call with another dealership and run some things past them. There must be tests they can do on wiring and on the module itself. If I knew where it terminated I'd test it myself, you must be able to get a resistance off it. 



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You can use FORScan to run a test on the TCM which may give some information. You can also use FORScan to monitor live data like the turbine speed sensor and see what the output signal is like.

Just about anything that the garage can do (at much cost) you can do yourself using FORScan. Take the connector out from the TCM and remove the backshell of the plug. Check for damaged wires and any signs of greenish corrosion of the connector pins.

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OK mate thanks for this!! 👍 I tried to run the tests on the TCM (there was one for engine running and one for ignition on engine off) but neither would work. 

Planning to have a look tomorrow. I know you can get to the top of the transmission with just the airbox out but I think the sensor may need wheel off and arch cover etc out but I'll report back when I hopefully have more information. 

Cheers for the info 


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I think it may be that your connection lead is not up to the job. You probably need to buy the new 'vLinker FS' cable

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Nothing wrong with using the ELM327 lead with the switch. There can be issues with some of them that have poor chip sets and don't always work as intended.

You can still buy a good ELM327 lead from a company called TunnelRat Electronics for about £18, but for the future the vLinker FS cable is the way to go.

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On 7/2/2022 at 9:09 AM, markmondeoyork said:

Ah ok I have the standard ELM327 USB with the MS/HS can switch you flip to read 2 lots from the car

Have you fixed it pal? I have the code on mine and I've been told need new TSS sensor which is inside the gearbox. 

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