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mk6 mods


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well was wondering if there is any thing i can do to make my 95 escort mk6 faster i all ready have a straight through exhaust and induction kit is there any thing els i could do...... just asking coz i can't afford to get a bigger engine at min any idea's will help thanks ;)

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Strip it out!!!!!!

Done it to my Corsa and i was hitting limiter 50yds sooner than when it was with all the interior in.

yeah sounds good thanks m8 ;)

is there any thing i can do to the engine i have it out of the car at the min doing the clutch T belt and gaskets.....

would there be any thing i can do to it that would be worth it.......

at the min i just use it to get to town to my m8's it lets out a hell of a bang when ya back fire it but i want to get more speed to ;)

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