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Hi I have Ford Focus st 2.5 2010 model it has been modified and runs 350bhp has rs clutch block mod etc but the problem is the car runs starts but I have no drive it goes into every gear with the clutch but also goes into the gears without the clutch but doesn’t move I’ve been told it could be the clutch then I been told it could be half shaft or drive it really has got me baffled I was sat at traffic lights when it happened I was sat in 1st gear went for 2nd to pull away and they was nothin there can anyone help 

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2 hours ago, Rakiwhite75 said:

goes into the gears without the clutch but doesn’t move

I presume you mean that the gear LEVER is moving into the right positions, but there is no drive. If that's the case, the link between the lever and the gearbox has broken or become disconnected. i.e. it's not actually going into gear. 

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You need to ask someone knowledgeable & trustworthy to have a proper look at it.  Not something we can diagnose through the internet.

Driveshaft/CV joint sounds most likely.  The way a standard diff works is that it sends all the power to the 'easiest' wheel.  With a broken driveshaft, all the power goes to the broken side so you get no drive to the good side.

ST shafts are also different to standard ones, so expensive and not easy to get hold of!

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