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Oil capacity don't add up 🤨

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Hey everyone, any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Bought a 2016 2.2 ranger,  it's had a recon engine fitted last year after oil pump failure.  Did an oil change few weeks back.  After 6.5 litres my dipstick shows full.  Got me wondering about the replacement engine etc....did they use a transit engine?  The sump looks correct for a ranger, dipstick part number looks correct.  Don't know what to do?  Ignore the dipstick and put 8.5 litres in or trust the dipstick and leave it at 6.5.   What do you guys think?  Is there anything else I can check?  I believe these puma engines were used in many vehicles?

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Yes I can see your problem. My first thoughts would would be to go with what the dip stick says, BUT I think you need to find out exactly what engine you have in the vehicle.

Only when you know for sure exactly what engine you have will you be able to find the correct capacity. Also could it even be possible that it is an engine that has been put together and has the wrong sump pan fitted?

Are you able to view another Ranger just to compare engine and of course the length of the dip stick ?


dip stick.JPG

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Good advice, someone could have put the wrong dipstick in the engine.

I remember when my partner had a Volvo, there was a recall shortly after they were built because the wrong dipstick was fitted at the factory.

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Hey thanks for the advice guys.   Yes I looked at the pan and it seems to marry with other ranger engines with its shape etc.  The dipstick part number seems to be correct for a ranger.  I'll do some more investigation work tomorrow and attach some pics 👍

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