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Can I Use Castrol Edge 5-30 In My Fiesta.

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I want to change the oil in my fiesta before we go to france.

What is the very best oil that can go in my engine.

Can i use Castrol edge 5-30 or do i have to stick to magnatec


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probably not alot between them if they are 5w30 fully synthetic just the price. you could also use 0w30 for a higher 'from cold' protection.

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Anyone ?

Castrol Edge 5w-30 would run better in your car although in 1.6 territory Castrol magnatec would be more effective, anything around 1.5 and below edge is the better option, both oils are liquid gold when it comes to cost and caring for your engine, theirs no better brand, and once you choose one stick to it for the duration of the vehicle either edge or magnatec, although if you do decide to change at some point from edge to magnatec keep the new type in for a couple of changes, dont change type every time you change your oil,

Also may i recommend a Magnetic Sump Plug and Seal click the link, as it will attract any harmful deposits floating around in your oil which in the long term could dammage your internals.

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thankyou for your replies.

I will get a magnetic sump plug as it seems like a good idea.

I will look into getting some Castrol edge on the next oil change.


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Any Castrol oil will be fine for your engine as long as it is the right viscosity.

Modern oils, such as the fully synthetic Magnatec 5W30, are so good at protection, that they slow-down loosening-off of the new engines. I for one, would be very cautious about using anything better, until I was convinced that the initial running-in was complete. Ford multivalve engines use steel liners in a bored aluminium block, so sealing of the bores/piston rings takes ~ 1 year of average use, and you will see oil usage drop, and the engine will be more free-revving, with better MPG. Once convinced the engine is no longer "tight", then you can use the better oils, as advised by the "oilman" at Opieoils, who give free advice to various forum member groups, and associated discounts. (not just oil;-- they recently added NGK v.long-life sparkplugs-- used to be difficult to find, so I am using Denso iridium Power ITV 16, in my Mk 6.5 1.25 Zetec Climate)

When my car is past the 3-year service contract, I will investigate the suitability of 0W30 Castrol Edge, good viscosity for our v.low winter temperatures.(~£10/4 litres dearer than Magnatec, in good motor factor shops, HI-Q, I'm quoting. Big discount If a carton of 4 x 4 litres is bought, as you will find at Opieoils website.

P.S., the 2009 model-year Toyota Aygo uses 0W20 grade engine oil, and quietens engine noise by fitting a rubbery-compliant mount on an idler wheel or tensioner, on the auxialliaries belt. Body-work sound deadening was also greatly improved. The '55 year model had 108g/km Co2, and the '59 revision gives 106 g/km. (109 g/km was the initial figure on V5C documents. P.S., my '58 reg Mk6.5 1.25 Fiesta puts out 139g/km, so my road tax is now £110, older cars with 142 g/km on the V5C, are charged £125 now.)

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