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Focus Third generation (C346; 2010) Facelift Boot Light


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Hi folks

A query regarding the bootlight.

The standard bootlight is rather dim in my opionion (and only one-sided) and I was thinking of replacing and/or adding a LED bootlight.

Is it a simple matter of getting a second light and piggy-backing the wiring for the second light (as you could do back in the old days with "simple" cars) or is it more complicated than this and involves CANBUS?

Knowing modern cars aint simple no more, I'm suspecting the latter.  If that is the case, what would I need to do?

There are light fittings available - eg eBay item no. 124648057103 which mention that they are "Canbus compatible - 100% error free"



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Yes as long as they are canbus free I am not entirely sure the boot lights are canbus controlled but I always get them anyway to be sure. it's very easy to tap into the wiring to make a second light as on my older car I used an led strip and it was very effective or you can get an OEM one from eBay or the scrap yard.

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I've got the autobeam in mine, nice and bright even with it on one side.

It replaces the whole light assembly, it's not just a bulb, so they are able to aim all the LEDs in to the boot.

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Thanks for the replies.

I've just had a look (photos to follow) and there are seemingly only 2 wires into the bulb holder - a white/blue wire and a brown/green wire.

The plug seems to have four connections - with only the top 2 being in use.

The bulb holder also appears to have just 2 connections - so I'm guessing now that this is just a simple light and doesn't involve CANBUS (why would/should it?)

So, a simple tap into each wire with a scotchlock connector and wire the two new LED biit lights in parallel seems to be the way to go?

Being LEDs, the polarity will have to be correct - LEDs only working one way round unlike filament bulbs.



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Photos (as promised)


^ Boot light showing just two wires (white & blue and green & brown)


^ Plug


^ Socket

I'm thinking that the easiest way to non-destructively break into this is to buy and break a replacement bulb and solder the wires to the new light units to these.

Fit the 'dummy bulb' into the socket and run the cabling around the rubber seal to the driver's side (passenger side should be a direct replacement for the existing uit).

Parts ordered.



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If you buy some of the LED strips etc they often come with an adaptor that plugs into your bulb socket and goes to the LED strip. You could easily sacrifice one of those to use and join longer cables to it to give you a supply over to the other side of the boot. 

I’ve got dual lamps in my boot though can’t remember exactly how I did it now. Definitely didn’t use scotch locks though, they’re nasty things imho

Originally had replacement LED Bulbs fitted but got a LED panel strip fitted now 


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19 minutes ago, tomo2001 said:

Which LED's did you install ?

This is the seller I bought from. Have used them for years on 3 x cars, I have never had one single bulb failure as quality is excellent!

Premium LED store

Just found an old photo of the LED 'kit' I got for my Merc, all bulbs nicely labelled, and even a trim tool to access the difficult ones!


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