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Stuck in Reverse Gear


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Have a 2017 1.25 Zetec manual (31k miles) and the other day while reversing we would not get it out of reverse gear, also bite point was almost on the floor. Turned ignition off and restarted car and issue disappeared immediately and having driven it this last week has not happened again. Anyone else experienced this as cannot seem to find much out about this anywhere, many thanks.

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I've had this happen with a Fiesta in the past and it turned out to be the clutch slave cylinder.

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Hi, so a quick update on this issue as the problem seemed to be happening more often when crawling in traffic. Eventually managed to speak to an experienced Ford mechanic who advised it was most likely the master cylinder suffering an internal leak and he described the same symptoms when stuck in traffic. Upshot is master cyclinder replaced but also the bottom pipe that comes out of it in the engine bay as seemed the original pipe was not sealing correctly. This was done about 4 weeks ago and since then have had no further problems so hoping that is fixed now.

See attached highlighted by red arrow -



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