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Audio Issues with Aftermarket Stereo. Sound Cutting Out, No Obvious Cause.


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Hi everyone. 

I’ve had a problem with my stereo for a while now. I drive a Fiesta Zetec 1.5 TDCI with the nicer MFD and a Sony aftermarket stereo installed (I believe it’s the one you could get as an additional extra from Ford but I am unsure) 

I’ve recently had a new alternator put in, and ever since I have had issues with my audio cutting out whilst driving. Every few seconds I get silence, and the song carries on but not from where it left off - which means the audio is still playing under the jumps. 

I’ve ruled out a bluetooth issue, since it also happens when listening to the radio. I’ve noticed I can only stop it if I keep the volume under 10, but this is strange since none of MyKeys have the volume limiter switched on. I’ve also done a master reset and restored the defaults for sync.

I’ve had a look at my stereo connections and have confirmed that everything is connected and working, but still no luck. I’ve even gone as far to update the iOS on my phone in case it was causing the problem, but again no avail. I experience the same issue when my friends connect their bluetooth to my stereo also. 

It’s almost as if I’m having power issues, but I’m not losing power anywhere else in the car and everything else is as it should be. Does anybody have any ideas? It’s very annoying and I’m struggling to be able to use my stereo system at all. The stereo itself isn’t losing power, it remains switched on during these issues. Any suggestions appreciated. Cheers. 

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