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Ford 6000 cd blank Screen

Sean molloy

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Yes the screen is dead. You changed the battery and now the radio is asking you to enter the security code but because the screen is blank you can't see that.

Time to spend £40 and get a new one from a scrap yard.

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10 hours ago, unofix said:

Time to spend £40 and get a new one from a scrap yard.

Now, what kind of scrap yards do you got to? LOL My current one (mint with code) came from eBay, £20...

(or, you could try entering the code 'blind', you may get lucky...)


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16 hours ago, Sean molloy said:

Radio worked when screen was blank but on .

now after changing battery , no radio at all ' but screen comes on ( still blank )

might anyone have a clue as to what’s going on ?

Sometimes messing with batteries can make strange things happen. I know from experience when I used to get Halfords to do my mot they would always check the battery and my stereo would mess up but just taking off the negative lead for a bit then putting it back on would bring it back it's worth a try.

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