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1 hour ago, avo333 said:

Hi my side lights wont cone on both sides where is the fuse for them Thanks mk5 Mondeo 2016

The Parking lights (formally known as sidelights) are controlled by the Body Control Module (BCM), there are no fuses.

Vehicles equipped with Daytime Running Lights (DRL) can not use the Parking lights while the ignition is on.

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22 minutes ago, avo333 said:

yes, i have daytime running lights but i wondered why the side lights dont come what are they there for

Vehicle lighting regulations for the UK and Europe have changed. When a vehicle is been driven it must display either DRL's or Dipped headlights (or main beam) at all times. The use of what we used to know as sidelights for driving is no longer permitted.

Some vehicles still have what were sidelights (now called parking lights) because the design of the vehicle was introduced before the change in the lighting regulations. Again on some vehicles these parking lights can be used with the ignition off and the light switch set to the parking position. There is also the option to only turn on just the right or left hand side of the parking lights by using the indicator stalk. With the ignition off and the light switch set to Auto, the indicator stalk can be used to then turn on the parking lights on just one side.

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