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Mondeo Mk4 1.6T Terrible MPG. Possible fault maybe?

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Hello everyone, I'm new here and a first time Ford owner. I've recently bought a Mondeo Mk4 2011 1.6T Petrol with 93k miles. I've had it a month and so far it is a great car, apart from the MPG. It is shocking for such a small engine. I'm currently getting 32.9 MPG! 

Is this normal? I know it's a big heavy car and I do mostly town driving at the moment but I didn't expect to be getting close to 30mpg. With those figures I should've got a Focus ST. On paper it should be 44mpg. I know cars never get the advertised MPG but 32.9 is terrible for a 1.6L engine IMO. 

I'm wondering if there is maybe an issue somewhere? I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts. 


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16 minutes ago, LeeBold said:

On paper it should be 44mpg.

Yes that would of course be the crazy kind of figure quoted 12 years ago on a brand new car in perfect condition driven on simulated road test.

If it really came close to 44mpg then it would be doing almost the same as my 2019 2.0 diesel Focus. For a 1.6 petrol lumping round a Mondeo at 12 years of age and 93k on the clock in the middle of winter I'd say 32.9 is good.

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Big heavy car with under powered engine and town driving won't be good for fuel consumption. And as above, MPG figures are always off as they were simulated, you'll never achieve them in real world driving. I expect my 2.2 diesel won't be any better than that either though in town driving.

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Yep, agree with above. In my experience a big-ish heavy car with a relatively small engine is never a great formula for good mpg.

1 hour ago, LeeBold said:

With those figures I should've got a Focus ST.

Mind you, if you're talking about a 2.5 Focus ST I doubt that would get anywhere 32.9 near under the same conditions!

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The 1.6 ECOboost was developed in a time when fuel consumption was not top priority. 

At the end of the 00's many of the competitors had already introduced small displacement turbocharged engines. Ford must have realized that the competition was way ahead and rushed into developing a small displacement turbocharged engine. This resulted in the 1.6 ECOboost which was basically a further developed, turbocharged version of the 1.6 Sigma TI-VCT engine. 

Problem with this engine is that it is either ECO or boost and not both. On a lighter car like a Fiesta ST or Focus MK3 the 1.6 ECOboost can be quite economical. The Mondeo, Kuga and Smax/Galaxy are much heavier which affects the fuel economy drastically.

The 1.6 ECOboost was further developed into the 1.5 ECOboost. The fuel economy however did not change. My Kuga Vignale 1.5 ECOboost has an average, combined fuel consumption of just 28 MPG within the last Year. 

So 32.9 MPG is actually not too bad.



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OK, I'm getting the feeling that my MPG is actually not that bad 😁 I guess I saw the quoted MPG figure and "ECO" in the model name and naively expected something closer to 38-40 🤣

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