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What dash bulbs fit a mk 5 escort

Ian Keys

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Hi does anyone know what size dash bulbs fit a mk 5 escort? I changed all the dash bulbs in my 1990 Audi cos some wernt working. They were t5/286 1.2 watt clear halogen wedge bulbs which lights the clocks up orange. Ive now got 2 watt clear halogen bulbs which light the clocks up orange but brighter and theyre perfect. I tried putting led dash bulbs in but there were some dark and some bright spots and the illumination wasnt even. I wanted to change the gauges to blue but keep the needles red but when i put blue LED Bulbs in the needles turned blue as well. On the escort i like the green illumination with the 2 red background bulbs at the top and the needles lighting up red. I wondered if it would be possible to put leds in the escort but still have the dash light up the same colours. Maybe theres different bulbs for the needles and the gauges on the escort as ive seen a video of a mk 5 with the dash lighting up a bright white with red needles. On the audi if i changed the gauges to green leds for example the needles would be green too. I remember the rev counter had a bulb that lit up between 5 and 8000rpm so i put a red led in there with the rest of the bulbs being blue and when you passed 5000 rpm the needle turned red and then changed back to blue when you dropped below 5000rpm.  If leds wont work id just put standard bulbs in but maybe a higher wattage and if thats not       possible then just standard bulbs. The dash bulbs seem bigger than my Audi ones. Does anyone know the size or part number or could give me any pointers. I bet theres some cool combinations. Any advice would be really helpful  thanks from Ian!

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Hi everyone just an update on which dash bulbs fit my mk 5 escort. Ive managed to find out that the part number is 7358627 for the illuminating white dash bulbs that illuminate green.



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