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Focus 1.6 tdci timing belt and water pump


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Hi guys hope your well I'm new to the forum after picking up a 2012 Focus 1.6 tdci yesterday evening.

Its currently on 98k miles and with it now being 10 years old and with no history of the belt and water pump ever being changed I want to get it done ASAP

Would anyone happen to know the book time this kind of job should take ? I have a local garage that allows you to supply the parts which I've found a decent price for a full gates kit but he's quoted 3-4 hours which sounds quite long I was under the impression it would be more like 2-3 hours ? 

Anyway I would love your thoughts on this job and is the gates kit the best to go for or is there a better brand recommend ? 

Thank you 

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I had belt and waterpump done on my 2008 Focus 1.6 petrol by mobile mechanic and it took 3h. And that's without fighting with crankshaft bolt 😁

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1.6 petrol & diesel are totally different in terms of the belt change.

3-4 hours for 1.6 TDCI belt & pump sounds fine for an independent.  (Especially when they're losing their parts markup lol.)

I'd only expect under 3 hours for someone that's done many of these belts - main dealer or specific 'cambelt only' type shop.

Gates is fine.  Think I used Dayco myself.  There aren't any 'bad' belts for these as far as I know.  The waterpump is the thing you need to check the quality of.  I'm not sure which brand pump Gates use in their kits now?

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