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Focus CC 2006 model - info on 4M5T audio unit & possible replacement


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Hi All

I've just recently bought this blue 2006 CC thats in my profile pics, and despite the rather dodgy dealers in Egham not even bothering to clean or tidy it out (there was even a folder full of CDs I found left in the passenger seatback!) and it having a couple of hopefully minor faults (Although I've already fixed the missing bonnet lock) ever since my first test drive I already adore it more than all my recent previous cars! 

I wonder if anyone on here could help me out regarding the ICE which I don't seem to have the correct manual for but I think is called the Ford 4M5T (see pictures). Its the touchscreen model with bluetooth & satnav, which just to make things more complicated also has the aircon controls mixed in with it. I suspect it was the top of the range model in its time but the interface and satnav look rather errrr... 'windows 95' and dated now TBH, although the light blue interface does nicely match the paintwork 🙂 & it all seems to be fully working as far as I can tell so far, thankfully!

1. As well as the main "Owners handbook" I've also inherited a "bluetooth & voice control" handbook, an "Audio system" handbook, and a "navigation system" handbook, but none of them appear to specifically relate to, nor have any pictures of this model I have and I'm wondering if maybe there was another handbook for it which perhaps one of the previous owners took out &/or lost. I've already done a bit of online research on it and from what I can tell this unit was more common in Mondeos, RS' and/or ST's.   

*If anyone can confirm whether there was an additional manual I'd be most grateful, a link to an online version of the missing manual would be even more appreciated... or even just confirm that there wasnt one and owners were just supposed to piece together the instructions from all the other manuals.*

2. Ideally I'd like to put a new double-DIN system in, but I'm guessing due to the mixing in of the climate controls and extra large fascia it might be rather expensive and perhaps entail a new fascia panel and separate aircon control unit. But then again, if it was "top of the range" and customers buying such a model are usually the ones most wanting to upgrade, maybe there's some options?

As I previously used to mainly listen to music or audiobooks on a USB stick plugged into my trusty old pioneer, which of course this doesn't have an input for, I've managed to get a little Nulaxy KM30 cigarette plug FM transmitter that can handle this and beam it to the radio or via the aux lead, but its a bit awkward as there's only a very small "sweet spot" I can place it where it wont get accidentally but regularly nudged out of the socket by the gear stick or my left leg!  

*So, I'd be most grateful if anybody on here can let me know the score on this 4M5T - is it possible to replace/upgrade it and if so, what are the options?*

Many thanks in advance for any help anyone can give me on this.





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Hi, that unit is rare and was a high priced optional extra.

To convert to a standard unit, or aftermarket, you will first need to install a climate control panel and reconfigure it to your car.

As the saying goes, if it ain't broke

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If the unit is fully working then I'd leave it alone. It is way more than just a radio/Sat Nav and to replace the unit would be a major undertaking. Just update the Maps and be happy that the original owner paid a Kings ransom for it 😉

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That is the Denso satnav system.

This system has a DVD drive in the glovebox with a DVD that contains the map data. Ford stopped support for the Denso system in 2012. Since then maps are no longer available from Ford.

Jaguar however also had their own version of the Denso system. The Jaguar maps DVD's are compatible with the Ford system. The most recent DVD was released in 2019.

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