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5-30w or 10-40w competition

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Hi all

My ford manual reccomends either 5-30w or 10-40w well as i workj in a parts dept for renault i can get oil ELF SOLARIS DPF OR COMP ELF STUFF dirt cheap i was going to put 5-30w in it as its a lot thinner isn't it than 10-40w which i normally give out for diesels also any ideas how much a tool for oil filter removal is



p.s the squeek is still here but i got a few methods first

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5/30 is recomended so i would stick to it knowing now sensitive ford engines are to wrong viscosity,removal tools are various prices depending what you require e.g strap, chain, pliers, socket ect but remember you get what you pay for

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Want to hear best price lads

£13.90 inc vat Castrol 5-30w oil from ford to me got 50%off and tradediscount

other parts

oil filter £2.74

Sump & Washer £4.00

plugs -- i will get a price tmra

IAC Valve £42.07

All prices above ex VAT Price below Includes VAT (Dont you just hate the tax man)



How about them prices pretty decent in all


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