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Retrofitting Cruise Control - Guide


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Hi guys, I have just successfully fitted cruise control to my 2016 ecosport.  Couldn’t find a guide so thought I would write one!

It’s relatively easy. 

Tools required:

T15 torx (long one)

T55 torx and ratchet

Needlenose pliers


Parts required:

Relacement steering wheel with cruise control wiring already in (I used a fiesta ST one)


Firstly you need to disconnect the battery and wait 30 mins, this is so no residual charge sets the airbag off.

Then use the T15 torx to poke through the holes to release the airbag spring clips.  You will find these holes either side of the steering wheel behind the bezel. You are looking for a line, and you just push the T15 against it and it pokes through.

Once both clips are released you pull the airbag forwards and disconnect the yellow connector in the middle and the 2 spade connectors.  Once this is done you put the airbag to one side.

Now you disconnect the wiring loom from the clockspring.

Undo the steering wheel securing bolt with the T55 torx and remove.

Refitting is the same but in reverse.


Now with forscan you need to activate the cruise control in the IPC and BCM modules.


Once this is done you should have cruise control (this is how it worked for me).


Sorry no pics as I was figuring it out!



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