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Ford Kuga Locking Whee Nut Key

Alex Blair

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Do you still have the packet it came in? There are a limited number of different keys (they are not unique to each individual vehicle) and the packet identifies which variant you have. If you have that then you'll simply be able to purchase a replacement.

If not then things get more difficult. The best solution in this case may prove to be getting the old nuts removed (I'll come back to this in a moment), and getting a replacement lock nut set such as those sold at Halfords (for around £30).

Some garages may have master lock sets for getting wheels off when the owner's key is missing, however the keys in these sets may or may not have the necessary makings to be able identify the matching key such that you can get a replacement. If not then at least such a kit would enable the mechanic to get the old nuts off.

Something else I've come across is a kit that includes a few "template" keys made out of softer metal than a normal key, where you take one and hammer it onto a lock nut such that it is forced to take the shape of that specific lock nut's security pattern. A relative of mine had their key damaged and the garage she took it to used one of these to make a temporary replacement. I don't believe these are intended to be a long term solution though, due to the soft metal not standing up to much use, and from what I recall these kits are not cheap.

Another way to get old lock nuts off involves a 12-point socket and a breaker bar. You hammer the socket onto the lock nut and then you can turn it with the breaker bar. However some lock nuts have rotating sleeves to stop this, requiring you to have to hack this sleeve off carefully with a chisel first, which isn't easy.

Essentially there are various ways in which you or a mechanic could get the old nuts off without a key, allowing you to then fit a replacement set such as those form Halfords, if you find yourself unable to identify which key you need to buy for your existing set.

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5 hours ago, Alex Blair said:

Hi ppl,

Lost my wheel nut key, anyone tell me how to replace and will it fit the locking nuts that are still on the car?

If they are genuine Ford ones, they are usually manufactured by Mcgard. On production of a decent photo of the lock nuts they can supply a key. You can get in touch with them here...


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