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Mk7 transit 2013 parking sensor fault

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Ex British Gas van, just brought it for my Son

rear fitted Ford parking sensors, wiring loom and all four sensors are all ok , have metered them and belled out the loom connections. Behind rear tail gate light cluster.

cannot find where the module is located in the van, 

switch van ON, put into reverse and there is NO beep at all , fuse 63 (5 amp) all good also, so I’m thinking my fault lies with a module box, looking on google it’s a PAM parking assist module BUT I can’t find where it’s hidden in the van, can someone help please with precise location

thanks paul

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Hi, many thanks for reply, it is a 2.2 mk7 2013.

looks at the diagram you just posted, it’s not in that location.

took rear brake light unit out, the parking sensor cable looms goes up into the vehicle from underside via a rubber grommet and the into a block connector,

(look in pic bottom right corner, wires hanging) then it just goes into the main thick wiring loom all the way into the cab, as far as I can see, no other modules as far as I could see

tomorrow will have another look.


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I can give you the full Ford wiring schematics for the 2014 transit if you think that will help.

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Hi managed to locate this module today, it’s located behind the speedo, see picture.

you need a small hands and a stubby screwdriver to remove it.

just need to remove the top panel, 4 screws and the 12volt cigarette plug.

all I’ve got to do is find a cheap one.4AAE5B20-6630-4AC3-BB75-EFA366DFA811.thumb.jpeg.01f4fe340bb2dcd6bb74c076cdf0b14d.jpeg

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