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Passenger side leak


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Bit of information please if anyone has come across this problem of mine. My car is usually garaged but a couple of weeks ago I went on holiday and during that my car was parked outside. After a night of rain I noticed the next day a puddle of water in the passengers footwell. I have marked the photo below with a white line where the water was dripping from. The glovebox to the right of it was perfectly dry. Above the area is the triangular window forward of the passenger door window.

I have had a good look at the seal that holds this window in place and it looks fine. Anyone any suggestions where is leak can be originating from before I go through the proccess of trying to getting it booked in to the dealers under warrenty.1751518546_AMEND3.thumb.jpg.a8cf96f6dbb07881bf6ca44f4ff5b89c.jpg

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The windscreen would be my guess. You need to experiment with the garden hosepipe. I hope the water can't find it's way to the BCM or that will spell big trouble.

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If it's a 2023 model, take it back and if it were me I'd say "it's unacceptable, I need a loan car whilst this is fixed, and I expect it to be fixed properly, and in a way agreed with me before any actions are taken after you've investigated the issue."

Make sure you do it on a day when there are people in looking at buying their new cars, and if they even look like they won't play ball, make sure your voice is heard by anyone in the sales area 🙂

I can't think why they would argue, but if they do just return the car as not fit for purpose, which is fairly straightforward within 3 or 6 months or whatever of purchase.  You have decent rights in this area.

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