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2009 Mondeo GPS problem

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Guys, the Sat Nav on my 2010 Titanium X Mondeo says the “Your position is outside the digitised network” when I try to set up the navigation.

The maps have just been updated (bought an updated memory card on eBay) and when I press info I get the below message - does this mean the GPS antenna is pooched? 

If so can anyone point me in the direction of a cheap replacement please?


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what happens if you put the old SD card back in ?

Was the SatNav working before you changed the SD card ?

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It’s exactly the same. The data on the original SD indicated it hadn’t been updated since 2009 so I just bought one with more up to date data. The error message has always been on it.

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I wonder if the car has always had that head unit ?

Back in 2009 the maps were mostly on DVD and it wasn't until 2011 onwards that they started using SD cards for all the systems.

Assuming the car was built with satnav then the usual failure is the aerial amplifier and isolator unit which is located in the tailgate. I think it is near the top edge of the tailgate near the rear screen.

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