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Hesitancy/misfire and hunting when cold


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I've recently been getting the following symptoms when starting from cold;

1. Engine rhythmically hunts on tickover for the first 1/3 mile.

2. Will misfire - usually no more than two or three times when on part throttle for the first few hundred yards.

3. Hesitant pickup/lack of power.

4. Rough idle.

As soon as the engine has run for 1/2 mile the symptoms disappear, but the car is lacking in power and I'm needing to change down to 2nd where I usually use 3rd on a few tight hilly bends.

No DTCs, no error lights. Fuel filter changed last service.

Could this be a sticking EGR valve?


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I have Forscan on my laptop as well as Car Scanner Pro on my phone that has vehicle-specific options. Neither show any historic or current codes.

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I removed the EGR valve this morning, expecting it to be choked up but it was remarkably clean and the mechanism operates freely. Just needed a wipe over and I re-lubricated the stem with silicone grease. Refitted and (predicatably) no change.

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I'd intended to check the resistance, capacitance and insulation today but got thwarted right away - I can't get my hands anywhere near the connectors to get them off. Too much stuff in the way, plus there's no play in any of the wiring to get them off anyhow - about 15mm of slack in the wiring to each plug. I  need to snip all the cable ties and separate them from the cable tray. I need to think through how to gain access - looks like the best way is to remove the wipers and valence.

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