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Thoughts on Ecosport 1.0 'Ecoboost' 125ps 'Active' engine

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I am considering buying a 2022 Ecosport 'Ecoboost' 125ps in the 'Active' trim having previously been driving an 85Bhp 1.1L Fiesta. That car was particularly noisy when making progress at high speeds and would often take time to get up to speed with traffic, not to mention the constant use of the gears etc but I went with it as it is the first car I ever owned after passing my test. 

Only gripes with that car, just wanted something more SUV style with a higher ride height and if it drives a bit quicker or a bit more responsive (now that I am a bit more experienced at the wheel) then that is also a bonus so that I can atleast keep up with traffic on faster roads :laugh:. The Ecosport appealed to me as a smaller, less bulky 'Kuga' and has this unique styling.

Does anyone have any experience with this spec of Ecosport model, or infact this particular engine and whether it would be suitable enough for a mix of town driving and motorway miles (not loads, just a few here and there)? I believe this powerplant is used in a variety of Ford models. Perhaps I'll need to still work the gearbox a lot? 

Other things I was considering in relation to the performance of this engine is the weight of this car, seeing as the Ecosport is heavier than the Fiesta. I did a test drive and it seemed ok for town driving but I wasn't able to test on a much much faster road but it would be great to hear from someone who has lived with this type of car and gauge your performance of it.

Generally, I've read that cars 100+ bhp are usually more than happy to cruise on the highway once you're up to speed? Any thoughts? 

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Can't comment on the Ecosport itself as I've never driven one - if I was looking for a higher riding car than the Fiesta it would be the Puma which drives nearly as well.

All personal taste however, and main downside I can see to the Ecosport is that it continues to use the original Ecoboost engine, not the later chain drive MHEV version found in the Puma.


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I've got one in silver. If your older you'll love it, high up seat position good visibity excellent ride quality on potholed roads. engine super quiet and economical 48mpg. Great interior. Active spec has to be the best iteration.

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5 minutes ago, grahn said:

If your older you'll love it

Roger bought a Model T brand new when they first came out 🤣

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